Maher Sinjary

Blue Valley Rebranding

Brand identity from A to Z for my client in Erbil, Kurdistan the Blue Valley company.

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South Kurdistan Letter Map

Creating a unique map for my lovely Kurdistan was always what I wanted to do, I came up with this...


Typography Posters

A series of three well known typefaces that I wanted to overlap their names on each others in a...


Logo Designs

These logos have been designed with passion, idea, concept and each of them represents a different...


GQ Magazine Redesign

A school project for redesigning a magazine, I picked GQ March 2014 edition and I wanted to make it...

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Type is Around You!

This project is about finding objects in nature that are shaped in letters, I found from A-Z which...


The Future of Herbal Medicine Book

A school project of designing a book for the future of Herbal Medicine. Instructed by David Hake....


Kurdistan—an oasis of hope

After living over a year in the United States I have met many people from different backgrounds and...


Klint Type Specimen Booklet Design

This is one of the Academy's assignments, I was asked to pick a typeface and design a Type Specimen...


Kurdistan Careers 2014

Kurdistan Careers 2014 event identity from A to Z.