A Mars in Libra woman, regardless of her current circumstances, always aspires to walk amongst the highest of the highs. The Mars in Pisces male is so soft-spoken that people may wonder if he is sad on the inside. If you have Venus in Pisces, you have a tendency to be attracted to someone who needs help or who comes with a few issues. This woman can be more attached to both positive and negative past events than other placements. Please leave a comment below and let me know. And Pisces is a water sign that feels everything, to the point of being empathic and often psychic. Mars in Pisces means that you feel compelled to do things that are special, bigger than yourself, or things that help people less fortunate. See our Mars sign tables. They are vey emotional and there is always a bit of a storm in their hearts. A Venus in Pisces man is usually an initiator, at least at first, so hes attracted to women who give him a chance to properly initiate instead of doing it themselves. The Mars in Pisces man. Generally, in a man, Mars will showhow he acts to attract,whether consciously or subconsciously, and Venus will showwhat kind of qualities he is attracted to. In the beginning, shes usually on your side right away. It can be easy for this guy to end up in slightly codependent relationships. An uncanny sensitivity to what is going on around them makes these individuals quick to react. The Venus in Pisces woman falls in lovequickly and may make grand plans with a partner right away, but she will often find that what she believes is love is actually just lust or attachment. Cancer They are so deeply committed to this dream they are good at getting other people to rally to their side. Many celebrities with Mars in Pisces are extremely artistic or spiritual. The Venus in Pisces women are very intuitive and reflexive. His ideal woman is energetic and independent. When she first meets someone, she will unconsciously conform to be what they want. The Mars in Pisces woman has a tendency to be a bit of a love addict. It reflects your ambitiousness and approach to pursuing goals, how you assert and defend yourself, and also your primal sexuality. Being this much obsessed with finding a soul mate and forming a heart-bonding relationship, the man born with Venus in Pisces can forget to look at the person beside him closer, thus inviting individuals who have ill intentions in their lives. Venus in Pisces is a floaty, etherial placement. It can be difficult for a Venus in Pisces woman to pin down exactlywhat it is that she desires. You have a lot of room for error on the part of others, but if you feel like this care isnt returned over time, you will eventually be emotionally drained. Its extremely easy for a Venus in Pisces to fall fast because they look through rose colored glasses; its also easy for them to get hurt. Since Mars Pisces is so open and often without boundaries, many instinctively protect themselves by staying in the background. Youll know that the Venus in Pisces woman has settled down and foundtrue love when she begins making realistic plans. Much of your pleasure comes from dreaming about and planning the future. Knowing that he entertains impossible dreams, he wants a partner who can balance out these ideals, but do it with diplomacy and affection. These archetypes arent used by everyone and definitely arent absolute. As a Venus in Pisces individual your life experiences spiritual and physical alike can take on an overwhelming presence. They love to get lost in daydreams, perhaps because they have a tendency to put off reality for later or because they admire the world of fantasy so much. Gemini In a relationship, the Mars in Pisces man can be a bit dramatic. They can resort to subtle, refined psychological tactics to get what they want. Venus in Water, Mars in Water (Romantic Water, Watery Desires): You are most receptive to emotional expressions of affection. This simplicity interplays with the more fundamental qualities of a Pisces Mars personality, which are all about fulfilling ones desires. Most likely, he will slowly get closer to someone he likes and try to build an emotional connection until they begin to reciprocate his feelings. When you are born with Mars in Pisces you are a natural empath and very good at understanding other people. He is the ultimate emotional chameleon which can be very confusing for his partner, at first. Moreover, the Venus in Pisces man is highly intuitive, one of the most intuitive of the entire zodiac. Like many of the water signs, you find being in the water sexually stimulating. Thats the only way hell realize that youre the perfect woman for him. . Venus in Pisces desires a spiritual connection when in love. Venus in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio Your Venus is in a Water sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. Her anger can be unnerving, because it's just so unexpected. Such older women are more willing to chip in when it comes to house expenses as compared to women who have little to no accomplishment with their career or job. You may also be drawn to the occult, to gothic time periods, or to learning more about whats out there. You like the big questions as well as anything mysterious or mystical. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. He hates confrontations and avoids conflicts at all costs whenever possible. If you have Venus in Pisces, you take pleasure in anything creative and expressive. In extreme cases, there can be celibacy and a denial of physical pleasure. He can be a bit reckless in love, especially at first. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Its easy for the Venus in Pisces woman to become jealous, but this is usually based on her fear that her partner will leave her, which would wreck her emotionally. I'm also a pisces woman and my boyfriend is also a cancer and we would see each other 3-4 a . if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'astrologyowl_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_12',119,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-astrologyowl_com-medrectangle-3-0'); Dislikes: You will dislike feeling invalidated. Some women may get really annoyed with their less than masculine expressions. This results in a tendency to mirror the people around you in terms of opinions and emotions. Its perfectly natural for this woman to have more than a few relationships in order to learn the skills she needs to find a suitable partner. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Others simply have an etherial quality. This guy wants to live in harmony with the outside world, as he finds a sense of belonging in nature, but also a place he can call home in todays modern society, one filled with technological marvels. The biggest lesson with Mars in Pisces is to learn how to create emotional boundaries between yourself and others. Youre very sensitive and you are easily hurt. With Mars in Pisces, you might sometimes be unsure about what you want. You need to be careful not to start believing in your own martyrdom. Mars in Pisces people have a tendency to be addicted to either substances or love, but this is because they want to avoid looking inward. You might release a quick burst of anger on someone else but then feel immediately remorseful. You find it more difficult than most to share your partner, requiring loyalty from them, although you are also a very understanding person and generally quite forgiving. These outbursts might be uncontrollable and sporadic. Moreover, her traditional take on marriage only serves to make his dreams of a comfortable and perfect relationship come true. A love survivalist, Venus in Capricorn seeks to do whatever it takes to keep on keeping on. You have a calming influence in a group of people. These women dont usually make the first move. More specifically: Venus in Pisces, Mars in Pisces: Some Famous People with this Combination: Vincent Van Gogh, Eva Gabor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jane Seymour, Norah Jones, Pat Benatar, Patrick Duffy, Heath Ledger, Bryce Dallas Howard. Mars in Pisces natives usually make very passionate advocates for any cause. If they are angry about something they often turn their reactions inward on themselves. If your fantasy changes, then youre prone to fickleness. Sometimes, the Venus in Pisces man is attracted to someone who needs him or relies on him. If she can be blown away emotionally, thats all she needs. In a relationship, he knows exactly how to avoid dangerous emotional reactions, and instill a sense of peacefulness and tranquility in his partner. This person loves helping others and is very spiritual. She generally falls in love with the person she meets at first and doesnt quite understand that there is a deeper soul inside the mask of the individual. Energies are often channelled into fantasy and daydreaming. If you have this placement, you might feel like things are always changing in your relationships, even your own mind. Youre also attracted to how youfeel around someone. A potential for conflict can be seen in the fiery depths of their eyes, but only if pushed too far. You want to figure out how to express your feelings in a healthy way instead of building them up and becoming passive aggressive. Those with Venus in Pisces can be difficult for their partners to understand because theyre so changeable. Men born under this combination are great friends to have. Mars in Capricorn Meaning: Ambition, Sexuality, Personality Traits & Significance, Jupiter in Aries Meaning: Personality Traits & Significance. If you have Venus in Pisces, you have a huge imagination. Men with Mars in Pisces usually internalize their anger. Those with Venus in Pisces usually havesomething that feels gentle and dreamy about their looks. They will go to the depths for someone they are interested in. Ideally, she will end up with someone who is also a bit responsible and steady. She is undoubtedly the most intimate and caring woman of the zodiac, and dating such a woman could be more than interesting! When youre able to figure out what you feel and why, and when you can tell others what you need in a constructive way, you will feel a lot happier and more well-adjusted in your own life. With Venus in Pisces, you need to learn how to follow your gut feelings, not your fantasies, in order to develop relationships at the soul level. He wants a perfect relationship, one where he can melt into a oneness of being with his lover, where he can find the fulfillment of his deep desires. RyanHart.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. There is an emotional sensitivity towards the broken and downtrodden. She enjoys a delicate, energetic chase, instead of someone who comes on too strong. They are deeply passionate and sensual in sex. They cant make any headway in their life, and find getting out of the same old situations very difficult. Sexually, you absorb the moods and feelings of your partner. They tend to get stuck in their heads. Many of these women look for a relationship that isnt grounded in reality. He is inconspicuous in his chase. The more he enjoys the chase, the more he begins to idealize his crush. If you were born with Mars in Pisces, you are a natural advocate and feel most fulfilled when you are helping others to reach their full potential. Use our free birth chart calculator to find out. She is imaginative, creative and talented. See More Venus-Mars Sign Combinations: Back to Venus-Mars Combinations chart. You prefer sex in the shower to the bedroom. While you have grand ideas, your mood might shift before youre able to make much progress. or even just have a really soft energy. Over time, the Mars in Pisces woman will learn how to discern whats real and to use her gut feelings in relationships. Pisces Mars in the Natal Chart. Mars in Pisces can get angry, and this will probably be triggered by a threat to her dreams. You are not a person who comes on strong or who is aggressive with a partner. He enjoys traveling to places that are not too crowded.. These folks flirt by being slightly playful, yet they can be moody and changeable at the same time. The Mars in Pisces man is the definition of charm. While the position of Mars in our natal chart affects us on an individual level, the planets continual transit through the signs impacts us all as it influences our fiery energies. The Venus in Pisces Woman: Get to Know Her Better, Venus in Pisces: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life, The Venus in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Venus in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better, The Venus in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Venus in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better. Sometimes its seems like they are suffering just for the sake of suffering. He is super mushy when he likes someone. Venus in Air, Mars in Water (Romantic Air, Watery Desires): In matters of the heart, you are a youthful, intelligent, and passionate lover, or you are magnetically drawn to . He must learn to detach himself when it appears as though the other is only there for the advantages, and usually their instincts will fire out a few alarm signals. They also enjoy meeting new people and will be fascinated by what makes them unique. They have a soft and sensitive allure that energetically draws others in. This placement lends to artistic talent and escapist tendencies. They fantasize and visualize exactly what they wantand will have extra skill and energy in matters of executing your vision while Mars in Pisces. Since the Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer woman, her mood is variable the same way as the lunar cycle is; bright and dark, high or low. They may appear shy or timid at first but once they know a person well they can become talkative and powerful with their creative energy. Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Pisces Your Venus is in an Earth sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. Its placement indicates that you have strong will power, but it also reveals your dominant traits and shortcomings. They may also be intrigued by moody or unpredictable people. Unlike other placements, she cant separate from her emotions. We just had a baby (Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo rising) born on . You care for others and simply want to be cherished by friends and family in return. For example, I find thatmostwomen will show a lot of the qualities of their Venus when theyre flirting, but a few of their Mars qualities will bleed through also. Your fantasies mostly exist around being saved. Sometimes you can be outgoing and bubbly, while other times youre moody and withdrawn. Men born under this combination are great friends to have. You have great instincts when it comes to people. He likes partners who are fragile, delicate, gentle, and sensitive. They are deeply peaceful, sweet, and kind men. Romance: When in love you have a great sense of respect and admiration for your partner. Sexually, youre turned on by romance, secrecy, privacy, and emotional power imbalances. You have a lot to give, and your feelings run extremely deep. The classic Mars in Pisces woman is attracted to partners with soft, sensitive energy. In a relationship she can be very submissive, taking on her partners life and putting their goals and desire first. You are better able to hold yourself accountable when there is someone there to witness. Neptune has made 7 stressful aspects ever since it entered Pisces, including to my ASC, MC, Sun and Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune, all in mutable signs. They are compassionate and empathetic towards the sufferings of others. They have a hard time keeping themselves to themselves. They are more the best friend that you can trust with anything, rather than a controlling figure. Its also saying that other people can bring out your more compassionate side as well. A man who has his Mars in Aries may be most compatible with a woman who has her Venus in Leo. This often attracts people to them who may be looking for guidance or a shoulder to lean on. Its almost impossible for you to separate sex and love. Mars in Pisces is very empathetic, which makes it easy to make a sexual connection. This can manifest as attraction to someone with past trauma or security issues, or can show up as interest in someone with alcohol or drug addictions. In the relationship, he will happily let his partner take the lead and bend over backward to create the perfect life for the pair. They are dreamers and are highly imaginative. Sometimes, a person with Venus in Pisces holds onto a bad relationship too long, but there always needs to be mutual respect for it to last forever. There is often a desire for self-sacrifice, and feelings of guilt for being selfish. Older women and confident It can help a person with Venus in Pisces to work on shielding their energy through various techniques in order to stop conforming to what others want. This man is considered the very definition of romance and all things beautiful. Mars in Leo is a very dominant character, and they also have a savior complex. Feel free to choose the label that works best for you in this context (being attracted to another persons energy). Youll notice that most of the celebrities on this list are passionate and artistic, but many of them also live in a slightly different reality. Learn More. Such a long as a pisces women looking for dating a scorpion helps her. You probably prefer morning sex in the shower over long evenings in the bedroom. This also means that you dont have much control over your drive and motivation with Mars in Pisces. They will learn what their love interest loves and they will give that to them, do that for them. If an Aries woman wants a cancer man, then she should try to know him thoroughly. The man knows that financially, he is not on his own. Copyright Ryan Hart Publishing LLC - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. You may tell little white lies when you first meet someone, but this is because you want them to like you. Because you thrive on emotions and fantasies, being forced to be practical hurts your motivation. This is a selfish aspect of the placement, even though these folks can also be extremely unselfish with people they care for. The difficulty for a Venus in Pisces man comes after he has been in a relationship for a while. Water is very sensual for you, so sex in the shower or in the pool is highly erotic. What does this placement say about your personality? They are loyal, caring, compassionate, and playful. You tend to work hard for your idealized picture of hold thingsshould be. You can do this bydiscerning what your real emotions are andwhy you have them instead of simply getting caught up in the emotional rollercoaster. Her needs are ever-changing and its hard for her to discern what she wants versus what her partner wants. These individuals are the ones who will readily seek new adventures, not only because of their curiosity but also because they want to offer help or provide assistance wherever it is needed. The tendency here will be to take on the needs and desires of those they are with.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'astrologyowl_com-box-4','ezslot_6',121,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-astrologyowl_com-box-4-0'). However, even though he might have an idea about future disappointments, society pushes him into the corner, and his urge to meet the fated one seals the deal. Our readers support us. but you need someone who is willing to play along with your games, fantasies, and mood swings in return. She has a dramatic flair and can be involved in really emotional fights if she feels hurt or wounded. In their lives they truly believe they are no better than anyone, and that makes them better than everyone. It might be confusing for others, but your mind changes according to your moods and fantasies, so there is no way for the other person to really figure you out. Its hard for him to disengage from what he is feeling inside. They are loyal, caring, compassionate, and playful. You have very high expectations for a relationship. At times relationship boundaries can seem confusing to you. If you can hold onto a mood then you will work extremely diligently to achieve what you want because youre so tied to it unconsciously. Such sudden ups and downs have so much intensity that they may even become physically ill over them. More than any other Venus sign, I find that almost every positive quality from Venus in Pisces has an equal negative. This astrological placement gives you an innate desire for peace and harmony, something that comes naturally to everyone born with Mars in Pisces. In a man (or someone with masculine energy), Venus will show what kind of qualities they areattracted to. Mars in Gemini and Venus in Pisces horoscope compatibility for marriage Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so when Mars enters Gemini, put this energy into overdrive. It is easy for you not only to see things from other peoples perspectives, but truly understand their perspectives. The Mars in Pisces man probably wont make the first move or initiate unless hesreally in the mood to do so. Because herfeelings dictate if a relationship should proceed, she can have trouble with her judgment. . Long-term, its hard for the Venus in Pisces woman to find a true soulmate. Others may struggle to understand this, but its simply the way youre wired with Mars in Pisces. People may want to be on their side and fight with them, but they push people away by holding tight to the victim role and not allowing anyone to help them. You are also very good at helping to identify common ground for people, even when it is very small in the grand scheme of things. Venus in Pisces women tend to attract men pretty easily because they have such a sensitive, feminine aura. You also prefer to have company in whatever you are doing, whether it be going to a yoga class of heading on holiday. If the Mars in Pisces man isnt mentally healthy, he can wreak a lot of havoc on his partners emotional and mental well-beings. Mars in Pisces weakens the nature, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart. You are artistic and creative, and may be fond of music and poetry. Some partners may consider you to be indirect and even roundabout. These people can be prone to being used and dominated by others. TEA & ROSEMARY LLC, Venus In Aquarius In The Birth Chart: Everything You Need To Know, Mercury Conjunct Venus: Natal, Transit, and Synastry, Crow Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning Of The Crow, 6 Effective Studying Spells For Exams, Class, & Enhanced Focus, Winter Solstice & Yule: Rituals, Traditions, And Ways To Celebrate. The Mars in Pisces man is the person to pull out all of the romantic stops, to write poetry, to gush about his lover, etc. When I'm in love I feel like I lose all sense of responsibility unless it involves my relationship. His love interest quickly becomes the center of his universe. Check out these related Venus posts: Venus rules so many areas that the characteristics of your Venus sign can have a large impact on your entire life. Its easy for you to become addicted to intimacy and to go to any lengths to regain it in a relationship when it is lost. They are not typically cocky. LoveStyles: About Him and LoveStyles: About Her reports. Daily life can feel very difficult for you. Your feelings (especially your gut instincts) are really important to you, so you cant truly forgive until a situation feels resolved; your emotions may take more time to catch up to your thoughts. The typical Venus in Pisces man prefers feminine women. They simply cant separate emotions from actions. Most people with Mars in Pisces show about half of these qualities (a mix of positive and negative traits) based on their individual birth charts.

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