Many nations around the world such as the Basques, Kurds and Palestinians struggle to express their identity and speak for themselves, these nations have slowly disappeared because the countries surrounding them have total control over their independence.
Opening a cultural web-based center to reach the message through real stories from people to people, by hosting cultural events that bring these nations and Americans together to a better understand their struggle for an independent state. Also, by engaging the audience with folklore music, costumes, and food.
Our target audience is Americans between the ages of 24-50+, those who are interested in traveling and knowing about other cultures. The way we talk to people is that we tell true stories of millions of people from these nations and everyone has a different story to tell.
Asawar supports various ethnic/cultural groups around the world who are struggling to preserve their cultural identity and/or gain international recognition of their independence. By providing information on the historical and political basis of the struggle for independence of groups such as the Kurds, Palestinians, Basques, Tibetans and others, we seek to connect Americans to the issues and to create sympathy and understanding for their shared cause: Cultural and political freedom. The center runs cultural events, lectures and discussions providing all Americans interested in current international affairs with a better understanding other cultures.