Logo Designs

UNICEF Breastfeeding Program
UNICEF Water Conservation
UNICEF Peace / Education
BASAN Humanitarian Org
PAR Hospital
Chez Nous Cafe
Faiza's Drapery & Upholstery
Upside Down Burger
Ziryab House
New Star-Ell Liquor

Dashboard UI/UX

Alerting Feature
This an exploration to Alerting feature and the purpose was to turn notifications on via Email, should any air quality sensor sense anything out of ordinary so the facility manager get notified about the building. 
Email Alert
Side Menu
The Awair Dashboard navigation historically was on the top with three tabs, as we were adding more features and sections to the dashboard we decided to move them to the side menu, and I created this interaction to collapse and show when needed. 
Purchasing Flow

Receipt Email

Awair Omni Onboarding Early Exploration 
AWAIR IAQ City Ranking
City Ranking was a project we worked on at Awair to highlight top ranking cities around the world with the best indoor air quality, showing sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals and Fine Dust (PM2.5). It was an excellent opportunity to work with engineers.
Proposed map visualization so it’s easier to find out what cities are top raking at a glance. 
The mobile version
In order to make it more accessible and reach broader audience we made the page responsive  and mobile friendly. 

Social Campaigns

Wildfire Season

During wildfire seasons we would send out healthy tips to stay safe during unhealthy air quality.

Winter Blizzard

Tips about keeping humidity in a healthy range during cold weathers.

Heat Relief

Healthy tips about controlling your air and highlighting features from Awair App. 

Awair Omni


Omni tracks the quality of your indoor air and lets you know the moment your air quality is unsafe or unhealthy.

Omni is designed specifically for business. It maintains Awair’s focus on elegant aesthetics while providing features and benefits to help your business thrive.

Awair Dashboard

This dashboard is designed for you to monitor multiple Omni units in one simple, easy-to-use portal. You’ll also have access to trends and advanced analytics.

Asawar Center

Many nations around the world such as the Basques, Kurds and Palestinians struggle to express their identity and speak for themselves, these nations have slowly disappeared because the countries surrounding them have total control over their independence.
Opening a cultural web-based center to reach the message through real stories from people to people, by hosting cultural events that bring these nations and Americans together to a better understand their struggle for an independent state. Also, by engaging the audience with folklore music, costumes, and food.
Our target audience is Americans between the ages of 24-50+, those who are interested in traveling and knowing about other cultures. The way we talk to people is that we tell true stories of millions of people from these nations and everyone has a different story to tell.
Asawar supports various ethnic/cultural groups around the world who are struggling to preserve their cultural identity and/or gain international recognition of their independence. By providing information on the historical and political basis of the struggle for independence of groups such as the Kurds, Palestinians, Basques, Tibetans and others, we seek to connect Americans to the issues and to create sympathy and understanding for their shared cause: Cultural and political freedom. The center runs cultural events, lectures and discussions providing all Americans interested in current international affairs with a better understanding other cultures.