Alerting Feature
This an exploration to Alerting feature and the purpose was to turn notifications on via Email, should any air quality sensor sense anything out of ordinary so the facility manager get notified about the building. 
Email Alert
Side Menu
The Awair Dashboard navigation historically was on the top with three tabs, as we were adding more features and sections to the dashboard we decided to move them to the side menu, and I created this interaction to collapse and show when needed. 
Purchasing Flow

Receipt Email

Awair Omni Onboarding Early Exploration 
AWAIR IAQ City Ranking
City Ranking was a project we worked on at Awair to highlight top ranking cities around the world with the best indoor air quality, showing sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals and Fine Dust (PM2.5). It was an excellent opportunity to work with engineers.
Proposed map visualization so it’s easier to find out what cities are top raking at a glance. 
The mobile version
In order to make it more accessible and reach broader audience we made the page responsive  and mobile friendly.