Maher Sinjary // Sr Visual Designer

Currently seeking a new opportunity...

15 years of solving real problems through design and learning along the way.

Brand identity

A collection of logos I designed for different industries and companies around the world.

Awair Element

Cutting-edge air quality technology in a simple package.

See your air in a new light

AWAIR 2nd Edition

Awair tracks invisible fine dust and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy.

Mobile Design

Various products’ landing page mobile designs.


Omni tracks the quality of your indoor air and lets you know the moment your air quality is unsafe or unhealthy.

Omni is designed specifically for business. It maintains Awair’s focus on elegant aesthetics while providing features and benefits to help your business thrive.

Social Campaigns

Several campaigns I have worked on at Awair.


The new way to furnish your space

Illustrations for Oliver Space


Mysterious but bold, that was the approach for Kindred AI first web design.

River Studios

Designing for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality VR/AR

FITBIT Rebrand

This is a personal re-brand project for Fitbit

Expressional Illustrations

As an illustrator, occasionally I would express myself about current events through illustration.


Providing all Americans interested in current international affairs with a better understanding other ethnic groups who are struggling for cultural identities such as the Kurds, Basque Country and Palestinians.